Our advice for installing a built-in spa

The resurgence of spas in recent years is evidenced by their presence in almost every home. Easy to find, choosing a spa depends on the taste of the buyer, as there is no shortage of designs and brands on the market. The built-in spa model is one of the most popular today. If you, too, are among those who are seduced by this luxury equipment, below are some tips that will make your task easier during its installation.

A good location is essential!

A built-in spa is the most fashionable hot tub although its installation is a little more complicated than another such as an inflatable spa. The ground where you plan to place it must above all be uniform and very solid to support the total weight of the jacuzzi spa when filled. Next, make sure that your hot tub is placed on an area that is not too exposed to the sun, nor too much shade either. The reason ? Because, although your spa needs to be sunny, too much UV rays could damage it as well. In addition, also take into account the distance between the desired location and your house, as technical installations such as the supply of electricity and water will require connections.

Semi or fully recessed, which one to choose?

These two types of embedding differ in the volume of the spa buried in the ground. Depending on your choice, the hull can be partially or completely buried. This last option is the most popular, because in addition to being customizable, the shape of your spa, which will be seen through the rim, will be a perfect decoration for the exterior of your home. In this case, you no longer need a staircase to access your wellness area since the ledge will be at the same level as the ground and will facilitate your dive. Create a small area around your spa. Its role will be to minimize water pollution, to facilitate access to your spa in the event of a technical problem, but also to provide a touch of design. To do this, opt for natural materials such as wood, because they are very practical, easy to work with and best reflect the calm and relaxing image of your wellness area.

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